Reliable equipment’s for the dairy & food industry

High hygiene standards require carefully designed but hardwearing equipment. Our customers include both Finnish and international dairy & food industry players who are familiar with the equipment and complete production lines that we design and produce.

Hygienic production lines for the food industry

We design and manufacture our food industry production lines to meet the special requirements of the sector, in areas such as efficiency and – in particular – hygiene. That is why our long-standing expertise is best showcased by our food-industry solutions: we know how to form stainless, acid-resistant steel into hygienic solutions, which we can combine with automation and robotics where needed.

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Tailorability solves problems

In addition to fulfilling hygiene requirements, food industry solutions must adapt to a range of conditions and challenges. In practice, this means highlighting tailorability within modular structures. In our case, tailorability enables design based on our wide experience, combined with cutting-edge, continuously developing production technology.

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Cost-savings based on insightful design

Our design work enables food-industry solutions for cost-effective production. Cost savings and an optimally functioning whole can be achieved by taking note of the constructability of structures and equipment, and optimising material choices, at the design stage.

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The food production solutions of the future

New eating habits and ingredients are obliging equipment manufacturers to be highly responsive to trends, reacting quickly to changing needs. We know that our expertise is an outstanding fit with the developing needs of the dairy & food industry. We want to be closely involved in designing the evolving dairy & food production solutions of the future.

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