High Metal is a family business that operates responsibly. High Metal Oy includes the parent company Hakaniemen Metalli Oy, its subsidiary High Metal Production Oy and the successful concept MKT Dairy. For over 70 years, High Metal has specialised in developing and manufacturing stainless-steel sheet-metal processing equipment and components for various industrial applications.

We have been working directly alongside industrial customers for 70 years and intend to keep doing so. That is why we do not seek instant profits, but strive for lasting partnerships that take account of the customer’s business, people and the environment.

We see things in a new way

Despite serving a range of industries for over 70 years, we have a tremendous passion for doing things in new ways — better, more efficiently and smarter. We represent the third generation of a company that combines know-how with operating models and work on behalf of its customers. We stay abreast of industry trends and new manufacturing and contracting methods, while developing our operational models. That’s why we dare to promise that every product we deliver will stand up to comparison with the best in the world.

Trust comes from communication

We provide our customers with critically important comprehensive solutions. That’s why we pay special attention to minimising disruptions, ensuring reliable delivery, and guaranteeing the quality of our work. In addition to quality operations, trust is created by direct communication and the ability to react to problems. We also ensure that if a problem occurs on our or the customer’s side, we can act quickly to resolve the issue.

Everything starts with our experts

High Metal would be nothing without its specially skilled staff. This is why we take special care to ensure that our operating culture is inspiring and enables our experts to develop themselves and their skills. It is also more fun to work with motivated and enthusiastic people!

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Stainless steel is an ecological material, but we also strive to take account of the environment in our production processes and material requirements. By designing smarter solutions and implementing them more rationally, we save our customers’ money and minimise use of natural resources.

Proven quality

Certificates awarded to High Metal Oy:

ISO 9001 Certification (155024-2014-AQ-FIN-FINAS)
ISO 3834-2 Certification (155020-2014-AQ-FIN-FINAS)

High Metal’s values


High Metal Oy’s values and the commitment and expertise of its staff have strongly supported its success in customer accounts based on high-end service provision. On this basis, High Metal has become Finland’s leading designer and manufacturer of sheet-metal systems.