Steel swimming pools

We design and manufacture customised and acid-resistant stainless steel pools, ranging from small hot and cold tubs to large swimming pools. Our pools are jointless, making them durable, hygienic and easy to maintain — an excellent choice for both public and private facilities.


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A steel swimming pool is an unbeatably hygienic solution

As well as looking fantastic, a steel pool is a very wise choice. It is easily the best choice in terms of issues such as hygiene: its smooth and jointless surface means very little cleaning.

The smooth surfaces of our steel pools are antibacterial, preventing the growth of bacteria and algae. This enables minimal use of pool chemicals. Various protective covers can be made for the pool at the ordering stage. This makes the pool easy to clean and maintain.

Customisable solution

Our steel swimming pools come in almost any shape. They can also be customised years from now if you want to add features such as integrated steps.

Stainless steel is a durable and sturdy material. Steel can also be curved, so that the pool meets the requirements of almost any environment. A steel pool is always precisely dimensioned, adapting to the customer’s needs and setting, even in the most

Quickly ready for use

A steel pool can be conveniently delivered almost anywhere: for example, to a cramped basement room where a fiberglass pool could not be installed. Unlike tiled pools, when installing a steel pool there is no need to wait for concrete to dry, or to take care of other groundwork.

A steel pool may cost slightly more, but the installation is cheaper. In addition, the lifecycle maintenance costs are far lower than those of traditional, tiled pools.

Beautiful, ecological and Finnish quality

Corrosion resistance provides our steel swimming pool with a long service life. Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials — the pool will still be fully recyclable when its time is over.

The designers, manufacturers and suppliers are from Finland, which means that maintenance, repair and alterations can be done quickly, safely and with high quality. A range of maintenance contracts can be agreed with suppliers, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the pool.


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Delivering swimming pool from the factory to the customer

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