Simple, lightweight, fast and sustainable development and management of the overall delivery

The role of industrial product development is to ensure that a company has a continuously competitive product portfolio. Our technical design experts will turn your unrealised concept into commercially mature and marketable hit products.

Product development for industrial needs

We provide product development focusing on the user, user environment and production, with a particular emphasis on product use and manufacture. During the development phase, we define the product features, performance specifications and automation. We also engage in product structure specification, change management and maintenance in preparation for manufacture. Our product development takes account of the manufacturability, installation and maintainability of assemblies.

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A fully optimised solution

We select the most suitable components and materials for each solution and optimise parts in terms of issues such as capacity, weight and rigidity. A risk assessment ensures that our solutions are safe to use. The product development phase also includes the creation of rules for modulation, variation and customisation, as well as automation solution selection and the implementation of interfaces with other systems.

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Technical design

Our technical design services include variation and customisation of deliveries, the creation of 3D models, finished drawings and cutting geometries for manufacturing, and the acquisition and drawing up of parts lists. Technical design also takes account of automation requirements and ensures that issues related to documentation, operating and maintenance instructions, and spare parts are in good order.

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Experience of serving industry

We develop our products in partnership with our customers and users. We are involved in developing a wide range of specialty products that combine stainless steel materials. Our product development and design teams engage in daily, two-way interaction with manufacturing.

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Faster delivery of simple and lighter solutions

We simplify and streamline our products to achieve savings in manufacturing and product use. Less material is consumed and all production phases are faster.

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Environmentally friendly

A well-designed product is also kinder to nature. The products we design are made of fully recyclable steel. Only environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions will succeed in the long run.

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