Expertise in stainless steel since 1949

Hakaniemen Metalli Oy, the parent company of High Metal Oy, was established by Reino Nurminen at the address, Hakaniemeen Sornäisten rantatie 1, in 1949. In the company’s initial years, Reino mainly did work for his former employer, Elanto. During the period of shortages in the early 1950s, Reino obtained materials via Elanto. This was a major competitive advantage at a time when everything was in short supply. Reino also sought other customers, which included Koistisen Sähköliike and restaurants in need of draining boards and other equipment. Another customer was Korsettikeskus Oy, for which the company made supports, ‘bones’, from coiled metal wire for old-fashioned corsets.

By the time the company moved to Vallila in the 1960s, Matti Nurminen, Reino’s son, had become more involved in running its operations. Matti gained a new customer, Metos Oy, which was then a subsidiary of Instrumentarium and was also located in Vallila. This was the beginning of a close partnership as a supplier of dishwashing systems for Metos.

By the 1970s, due to this partnership and the needs of Hakaniemen Metalli, the company moved to larger premises in Tattarisuo, Malmi. The first generational handover came in 1979, when Matti told his father that a change of CEO was in order, since Matti was handling the CEO’s tasks anyway. After taking a couple of days to think it over, Reino said, “Why not?” On the other hand, he feared being shut out altogether, but Matti assured him that he could come and go as he pleased, and do whatever work he enjoyed in the factory. That is how Matti became the CEO and Reino the ‘commander in chief’.

In 1984, the decision was taken to build the company’s own premises at Linjatie 3 in Itä-Hakkila, Vantaa, where the company is still based. Under Matti’s leadership in the 80s and 90s, the company focused on creating a partnership model which was implemented alongside several partner companies. Matti also developed the company into a contract-and-solution manufacturer.

High Metal Production Oy, a subsidiary established in 2000, was Finland’s first company to provide 3D laser welding and cutting. The subsidiary established a strong position as a supplier for large manufacturers of forest industry paper machines, in particular. Strong product development expertise was built around laser production to help customers develop new products and lighten product structures.

In 2014, High Metal Production Oy bought the cheese manufacturing equipment business of MKT (Maanviljelyskonetehdas), whose brand was over a century old. This enabled it to begin developing its own products and services. The company enthusiastically developed its products further, and has sold goods such as cottage cheese manufacturing equipment throughout the Nordic countries.

MKT Dairy is strongly focused on the development of new production concepts and the utilisation of new technology. In addition to its current operations, MKT Dairy is seeking growth in future food production techniques outside the dairy sector.

For further details on MKT’s business operations, see

Throughout its history, High Metal Oy has strongly focused on developing long-term partnerships, to become even better at providing customers with added value and new services. Strong mutual trust bears testimony to several decades of unbroken customer relationships.

In 2018, the decision was taken to transfer the entire business operations of Hakaniemen Metalli Oy to a subsidiary, whose name was shortened to High Metal Oy. At the same time, Petri Kalliokoski, the long-serving Chairman of the Board of Directors, joined the company in an entrepreneurial role alongside Matti’s sons, Lauri Nurminen and Juha Nurminen.

High Metal Oy is now a growing and internationalising growth company managed by its owners, with three main business areas:

1. Sainless steel solutions for various industry

2. MTK Dairy & Food, which designs and develops processes, and manufactures equipment and the related services, for the restructuring food industry.

3. Stainless swimming pool solutions for public and private consumers.

A fine history, strong traditions and owners intent on renewing the company provide a direction for building the future alongside customers and partners. See below for our company’s story up to the present day in the form of a timeline.