Industrial contract manufacturing

All successful products have a great idea behind them. Unfortunately, many great ideas remain unfulfilled. The saddest fate of all, however, awaits ideas whose realisation results in a caricature of the original, brilliant concept. We believe that this problem can be solved.

A new take on industrial contract manufacturing

High Metal Oy’s new industrial contract manufacturing service model is a rhythmically integrated whole, which keeps faith with the spirit of great ideas. The package includes four elements: design and product development, production, automation, and a maintenance and spare-part service. In yesterday’s world, a product concept would have progressed linearly from one phase to the next, losing something essential at each stage of its journey. We do not work in this way.

Seamless cooperation across boundaries

Based on our service model, a multidisciplinary team works in close cooperation throughout an idea’s journey. Production understands emerging design ideas and is ready to provide product development consultation at every stage of the process. Not only is the finished product as requested — users actually find it more cost-effective and smarter than intended.

Expertise selected on a case-by-case basis

This approach to industrial contract manufacturing ensures that we combine our expertise in just the right configuration for the manufacture of each product. In some cases, the focus may be on leveraging automation expertise, while others highlight product development, for example. However, the common theme is our multidisciplinary team, which supports the entire process.

Product development and design

The role of industrial product development is to ensure that a company has a continuously competitive product portfolio. Our technical design experts will turn your unrealised concept into commercially mature and marketable hit products.


The results of product development and design must be implemented in the best possible way. This is where the production phase of our overall contract manufacturing process comes in. We use modern laser welding technology to design and manufacture innovative sheet-metal structures from stainless and acid-resistant steel.


Industrial automation

As a full-service system supplier, we are also experts in automation, electrical engineering, electrification, advanced IoT solutions and robotics for machinery, equipment and production processes. We can join you in developing and improving your productivity and process efficiency, on the basis of our automation expertise.


Maintenance and spare parts service

Our maintenance and spare parts service ensures that the solutions we deliver to our customers function as they should — also after delivery. We provide fast and cost-effective support for all our solutions, throughout their lifecycles.