Industrial automation, robotics and IoT expertise

As a full-service system supplier, we are also experts in automation, electrical engineering, electrification, advanced IoT solutions and robotics for machinery, equipment and production processes. We can join you in developing and improving your productivity and process efficiency, on the basis of our automation expertise.

Smart steel

The importance of automation, robotics and IoT solutions is growing in all sectors, as new technologies make machinery and equipment more efficient. In addition, analytics is being used to develop functions and processes. That’s why our service covers both mechanical and manual stainless steel structures, and their seamlessly integrated automation. We have also developed machine vision applications for functions such as quality control.

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Robotic solutions to enable productivity

Robotics can take the automation of production processes and the resulting productivity gains to a new level. We have developed and built tried and tested robotic solutions to replace manual, heavy work in locations such as cheese production lines.

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Industrial automation as part of the whole

When implemented properly, industrial automation, robotics, and IoT markedly increase industrial productivity. However, it is important to remember that these only form part of the overall industrial contract manufacturing package. We create the best value-added solutions by combining modern ideas with advanced, top-level design and manufacturing expertise.

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Flexible expertise

High Metal Oy has deep-rooted traditions in industrial manufacturing and the processing of stainless steel. We also have a long track record in developing new products and production processes, by ourselves and alongside partners, based on industrial automation and other smart solutions. That’s why we can now provide our customers with added value in the form of both smart solutions and steel. We also have a wide network of partners for processes requiring special expertise.

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