Swimming pool season is almost over in Finland.

Now is a great time to start thinking and designing swimming pool for next summer.

We at High Metal manufacture high quality, stainless steel swimming pool from Finland that are taylored by each of our customers needs. Our selection bears from small jacucci to large private and public swimming pools.

Here is a video with some of our achievements for last year:


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Rack carousel dishwashing system #20 in test run stage at High Metals premises in Vantaa.

Customer is Metos Oy Ab, and system will be installed later this year in Savo Vocational college Kampus in Kuopio, Finland.

This carousel project consists of 22 racktrolleys which are continiously running from dish returning area through separate pre-rinsing unit WD PRM 60, through dishwashingmachine to unloading area. And back to returning area.

While personnel is needen only for unloading clean dishes from racks, with this system only 1 person can handle dishes from hundreds of meal guests per hour.

Racks can be adapted for washing of all type of dishes, including trays and cutlery.

In larger systems (>1000 persons/hour), separate tray- and cutlery washing lines are easily adapted.

While several persons are able to return their dishes at the same time, the returning is smooth and no quees occur. Much nicer for customer.

Waste removing and dewatering spiral.

Basin is continuously cleaned with brushes.


Food residues are transported by thin waterfilm and rubber scraper to waste spiral

Watch video of rack carousel testing in our factory.

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Sales Manager, High Metal Oy

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The forensic operations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in Helsinki are being transferred from Kytösuontie to a new building on the Tilkanmäki campus.

The new premises in the K building, where the deceased are handled, simply radiate newness and brightness.  In the post-mortem examination rooms, High Metal installed autopsy table systems equipped with the latest technology and ergonomic design, as well as storage systems for the deceased.

Post-mortem examinations are carried out in five separate rooms, and we supplied a total of 10 table systems for them. Among the features of the table systems are a wide range of lifting and lowering functions, the tilt function of the assistant’s table and an integrated weighing system for both tables with a user-friendly interface. The system can also be connected to the most well-known databases (SQL).
In this case, the information about the person can be automatically transferred to the customer’s information systems.

The system we provided for storage of the deceased included space for a total of 220 deceased persons. The storage system is modular and can be easily modified as needed. The deliveries to the K building were completed at the same time as the autopsy table deliveries. The storage system is designed to enable plastic gutters and wheeled gutters to be used simultaneously at different shelf levels. In designing the system, we paid special attention to ease of washing and hygiene.

“The features of the equipment, ergonomics, hygiene, automation and maintainability played an important role when the customer was making the decision on purchasing. We were able to meet these requirements through customer-oriented service and innovative design expertise,” says High Metal sales manager Jussi Heiskanen.

“There were no surprises during the project and it was completed within the agreed schedule,” adds Jari Pulliainen, THL’s technical expert for the project.

Overall, the collaboration in the alliance project was excellent, due to the clarity of the tasks involved and NCC’s carefully prepared project schedule.

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High Metal Oy toimitti asiakkaalleen 4 m kokoisen porealtaan saareen. Kohde oli logistisesti sen verran haasteellisessa paikassa, niin päätettiin tehdä kuljetus ilmateitse kopterin kyydissä.

Katso video porealtaan toimituksesta

20 years of design and manufacturing cooperation with ANDRITZ Oy

ANDRITZ Oy is a leading global supplier of systems, equipment and services for the pulp and paper industry including wood processing, fiber processing, chemical recovery, and stock preparation. The company is owned by ANDRITZ AG of Austria.The cooperation between High Metal Oy and ANDRITZ Oy began in 2001 when High Metal was asked to design a new structure for the lime filter hood. The old structure was fiberglass and wanted a replacement stainless steel structure that was durable, easy to install and cost effective. The idea of ​​using laser-welded cell structures as a hood structure arose. This resulted in a very light and strong structure. Successful deliveries have been made to dozens of pulp mill projects around the world. Also included are the largest factories of its kind in the world.

Picture above shows a lime filter hood in which laser welding has been used to fabricate the curved cell structures of the hood frame.

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MKT Dairy joined ITEA Cybersecurity project in 2019 to research and design a new cheese manufacturing process. As the project goes forward we liked to share a little insight what we are doing.

CyberFactory#1 (CF#1) aims at designing, developing, integrating and demonstrating a set of key enabling capabilities to foster optimization and resilience of the Factory of the Future (FoF).

It embraces technical, economic, human and societal dimensions at once with 28 partners from seven different countries, which are pilot users, suppliers as well as research and academic organizations.

CF#1 is a catalyst project – therefore, it will supplement and develop current enabling technologies of the Industry 4.0 further to key capabilities in relevant application scenarios and verify their usability in realistic use cases. Specifically, it aims to develop key capabilities in the area of (1) Factory System of Systems modelling; (2) FoF Optimization; and (3) FoF Resilience.

The key problem addressed by CF#1 is the need to conciliate optimization of the supply and manufacturing chain of FoF with the need for security, safety and resilience against cyber and cyber-physical threats.

In CF#1 current enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 will be supplemented and developed further to key capabilities in relevant areas. These key capabilities will be mapped in relevant application scenarios and their usability will be verified in realistic use cases, reflecting the variety of possible new factory types like user-centric plant or learning factories and taking into account business model shifts like turning products into services or developing data services on top of manufacturing activities.

Factory of the Future Optimization: cluster of technology developments enabling to optimize manufacturing and supply chain processes and develop data-centric business models

  • Real time sensing, tracking & supervision of tools, materials and humans in the supply chain, which can be used to identify the state and evolution of the factory of the future, to optimize their behavior and to detect anomalies and take appropriate action to control the anomalies
  • Data-lake exploitation: enabling to build new business opportunities based on big data analytics over the manufacturing data thread
  • Optimization of human / machine collaboration on the shop-floor with the help of AI-methods to facilitate “learning” by human operators and to allow autonomous “additional learning” while ensuring the safety of people and machines.
  • Distributed manufacturing capability: enabling to optimize the distributing of production load over a network of factories or fab-labs in real time

Watch video presentation below:

MKT Dairy use case introduces a new integrated platform-based concept for cheese manufacturing

Customer Benefits of the concept 

  • Flexible for product quality changes
  • Scalable for future production increases
  • Shorter installation and production start-up time
  • Delivered fully tested and integrated from manufacturer
  • Small footprint on dairy floor
  • Lower service cost and easier maintenance compared to traditional dairy production lines
  • Continuous cheese manufacturing process

For more information of Cybersecurity project, please visit https://www.cyberfactory-1.org

If You are interested to know more about MKT Dairy, please contact our Cheese manufacturing expert

Mr. Henri Granberg, henri.granberg@mkt-dairy.fi


High Metal manufactured a dishwashing system for Metos Oy Ab with two complete washing lines. The total amount of Metos WD dishwashing machines in the system is 8.  Installation was performed during December and trial runs were conducted in the beginning of January 2021.

Rack carousel-type dish returning system allows up to 20 persons to return their dishes simultaneously. While the customer is sorting dishes directly into the racks, the dishwashing system with integrated biowaste-handling runs with max. 3 persons’ washed items.  Trays with cutlery are placed on a polycord conveyor, which transports them to their own washing machines.

Machines in this system are:

  • 2* Metos Pre-rinse units
  • 2* Metos PRM 60 pre-rinse machines
  • 2* Metos WD 421 rack carousel machines with T60 drying zones
  • 2* Metos WD 40BRE tray washing machines with tray exchangers
  • 2* Metos WD ACS 47D cutlery washing machines
  • 2* Metos ACS 800 cutlery sorters
  • 2* Metos Tray exchangers
  • 2* Metos WD 100GR pot washing machines

Dishwashing system is maneuvered and user informed via a large Siemens touch screen. Colors and clear texts make it very simple to use.

  • Trays and cutlery are separated to their own washing lines using a High Metal developed gravity separator, which also allows the use of non-magnetic cutlery.

” Designing a dishwashing system with several special machines is quite complicated. Rack, cutlery and tray conveyors are tailored to fit the given area and desired functions, which means they have a large role in the final washing result. High Metal’s long experience and strong knowledge in large scale dishwashing systems supported the project in the best possible way.  Potential bottlenecks where recognized and solved pro-actively during the designing stage. Project management with the right number of check-points combined with professionals performing the mechanical and automation installations ensured that starting the system took place on the date agreed. High Metal’s strong engagement during the start-up and the competent training of users ensured a problem-free commissioning. I am very pleased with the performance and especially with the final result.”

Tells Mr. Kari Pusa, Sales manager at Metos Oy Ab

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in High Metal Oy’s designing, manufacturing and installation services.

Sales Manager, High Metal Oy

Mr. Paul Lahtinen   paul.lahtinen@highmetal.fi    Tel: +358 400 421 973

High Metal has designed and manufactured to Metos Oy Ab a hospitals personnel canteens dish return- and handling system. The system is dimensioned for 1500 dishes / hour. System was tailored to fit to existing, fully refurbished area.  

Trays with dishes are returned to dishwashing room via two polycord  conveyors, which are connected to one line before flight type dishwashing machines. Meal guest picks papers to integrated waste bins and places tray on conveyor.


Plates, bowls and dishes washed in racks are washed in 2 Metos WD-B flight type washing machines. First machine is equipped with wide washing belt. Ergonomic working heights are optimized for dishes washed in each machine.

Trays and cutleries are washed in a Metos WD 66CT combi machine.  Cutlery is picked from tray with a magnet, and fed via de-magnetizer to conveyor which transports them to machines washing chutes. Trays are fed to their own washing line. In outfeed end washed trays are loaded automatically to two lowerators. When first lowerator is full, feeding is changed to second lowerator without stopping infeed lines in customer area.  


Watch video of equipment:

Ilola Inn boutique hotel opened its doors at Sysmä in the summer of 2020. The hotel’s beautifully decorated rooms are all equipped with individual bathrooms and have spectacular views over the lake Päijänne. Ilola Inn has a multitude of services to offer for boaters coming in from all corners of lake Päijänne. The large and sunny terrace of the cafe-restaurant has its own whirlpool which blends in smoothly with the marina for boats and yachts. The spa-sauna of Ilola Inn provides an indulging experience with direct views of the lake Päijänne. The terrace of the spa-sauna has an outdoor swimming pool while a dip in the lake Päijänne is also an option

More information: www.ilolainn.fi

High Metal Oy designed and manufactured the 10×4-meter stainless steel infinity pool of Ilola Inn.

Water handling and the related technology was supplied by Suomen Allaslaite Oy  www.suomenallaslaite.fi

” The swimming pool project was an integral factor for the hotel’s spa-like atmosphere along with the saunas. We wanted the pool to be the best on the market. After reviewing the alternatives, High Metal Oy’s stainless-steel solution was chosen. The choice was based on the pool’s feasibility and adaptability to our specific needs, on its easy and quick installation, on the durability and practicality of the material and on the high quality and elegance of the product. The project itself progressed smoothly and our plans were swiftly realized. The references which were shown to us at the factory facilitated choosing our options even more.

The final result is exactly what we were after in the first place. The pool blends in nicely with the surrounding environment and its polished quality complements our luxury hotel brand.

The timetable of the project was very challenging with only a few months from designing to installation. COVID-19 set its own challenges for the inauguration of the hotel, but eventually we managed to get the pool ready for the summer season”, recounts Jyrki Pulkki from Ilola Inn.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in High Metal Oy’s designing, manufacturing and installation services.

Project Manager, High Metal Oy

Mikko Marjosalmi   mikko.marjosalmi@highmetal.fi    Tel: +358 40 730 3331