Process industry equipment and other products

We make first-class, cost-effective process equipment and other products from various grades of stainless steel for the forest and process industry. We also provide a design service.

End-to-end service

We provide an end-to-end service spanning everything from 3D design to the containerisation of products and process equipment. We perform outfitting and automation, and process welds in the appropriate manner, to ensure a top-quality, highly corrosion-resistant and great-looking end product. Our services include product development. See here for further details on our range of services.

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Process equipment based on modern techniques

We have made actuator tie-rods, scrubbers, scrapers, air guide structures, extraction hoods, protective structures for equipment, honeycomb-structure access and maintenance levels, parts for pulp cleaners, machine frames, plinths, piping, tanks, and dozens of prototypes etc. Our modern manufacturing techniques include 3D laser welding and 3D laser hybrid welding.

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Exceptional material expertise

Special attention is paid to the properties of materials used in the process industry. We have decades of experience in forming products from bright annealed steel materials, and can provide process industry companies with products that meet the full range of standards throughout their lifecycles.

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Ask one of our experts for more information on our process industry solutions:

Henri Granberg
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