From design to manufacture

Product development and design results must be achieved in the best possible way. This is where the production phase enters the picture, as part of our contract manufacturing. We use modern laser welding techniques to design and create innovative sheet metal structures from stainless and acid-resistant steel.

Laser welding and cutting

We are pioneers of laser welding and laser cutting in Finland. We have a robot for 3D laser welding, cutting and forming, which enables us to make new types of sheet metal structures. We can also use hybrid welding, which combines laser welding with a more traditional power source (MIG welding). A laser robot can be used to design and make advanced actuator structures and subcomponents free of production-technique limitations.

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Laser technique creates savings

Production technology based on a cutting and welding laser is ideal for working sheet metal, due to the tiny amounts of heat-generation required. With laser welding, heat transfer to the material is easier to control than with more traditional techniques, reducing weld rigidity and preventing weld deformations. Demand is clearly growing for rod- and enclosure-type items in particular. New structures are making products longer lasting, more environmentally friendly, and even wholly recyclable. Savings also arise in the form of lower energy consumption during manufacturing.

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Contract manufacturing

We make tested and finished, installation-ready mechanical and electrical systems. Our service includes features such as assembly, surface treatment, testing and packaging as part of contract manufacturing.

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Production environment

Our services include e.g. laser welding, laser hybrid welding, laser cutting, edge trimming, mangling and welding techniques using TIG, MIG and MAG equipment. We perform grit blasting and mechanical grinding in our own production facilities, but surface treatment through our partners.

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Customer-driven quality

We invest in understanding our customers’ business and products, in order to produce customer-oriented quality for all needs. We ensure the quality of our products and services by developing our processes in line with the ‘continuous improvement’ principle. Our activities are guided by quality and welding systems in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 standards. In production, we apply a deviation management system which we use to monitor production deviations. We regularly analyse the origins and root causes of any deviations for the purpose of developing our operations. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals.

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Proven competencies

Our design expertise in laser welding sheet metal structures and our production technology create cost-savings for our customers – our references speak for themselves! We have developed for our customers several innovative hit products that are sold on international markets. Winning entries in the Plootu Fennica sheetmetal product competition 2006, 2008 and 2014 bear further testimony to our expertise.

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