Case: Dish returning systems for Metos

Metos Oy Ab is one of High Metal Oy’s closest and longest-standing partners. Over the years, the companies’ values have developed in tandem and both have a customer-oriented operating model. Metos’s service package for professional kitchens covers the entire chain: equipment installation drawings, equipment, training in equipment use, and maintenance and spare-part services. As a top player in its sector, Metos is an autonomous business group belonging to the Italian ALI Group.

High Metal Oy is manufacturing dish returning and sorting units for Metos’s dishwashing units, which take care of 300–2,000 diners. Metos and High Metal engage in the continuous product development of accessories for dishwashing systems. Around 200–300 of their jointly developed systems are delivered in various versions around Europe each year.

The diagrams below show the trend curve for dish returning systems from the 1980s to the 2010s.